Before Your Spray Tan


2-3 days before your tan:

begin exfoliating and thoroughly moisturizing daily - this will help prep the skin for your spray tan

waxing, facial, mani/pedi, lash, etc. appointments should be done at least 1 day before your spray tan

if needed, shave 6-12 hours before your appointment (shaving afterwards may affect the result of your tan)


day of your tan:

shower to cleanse your skin only - skin should be clean and dry for best results -avoid using oil-based body washes the day of your tan

do not apply any moisturizer, deodorant, makeup or perfume prior to your appointment - this can affect the result of your tan

wear whatever makes you comfortable during your tan appointment!

be sure to bring loose-fitted clothing to wear after you are sprayed (avoid socks, jeans, leggings, etc.)




Spray Tan Aftercare


during tan development period (12-24 hours post spray):

stay completely dry for 8-12 hours - avoid sweating or applying products to your skin (unless using rapid rinse solution)

for your first shower after your appointment, you should “rinse only” with warm water and avoid soap, exfoliation and shaving (don’t be afraid to thoroughly rinse, the spray tan will not fade - the goal is to completely rinse away the cosmetic bronzer)


for the duration of your spray tan:

always pat yourself dry after showering or swimming - rubbing with a towel will exfoliate your skin and may fade your tan more quickly

keeping the skin hydrated will prolong the life of your spray tan (mild, fragrance-free moisturizers work best)

avoid moisturizers, body washes, and skincare that contains mineral oil, sulfates, petrolatum, AHA/BHA - use may accelerate fading