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What is the brow sculpt (brow lamination) service?

Brow lamination is a cosmetic treatment that is designed to reshape and enhance the appearance of the eyebrows. A gentle chemical process relaxes and straightens the hair, making it malleable and able to be set in a desired position.


The goal of brow lamination is to create a fuller, more uniform appearance to the brows - it can also help tame coarse, stubborn brow hairs!

Our brow sculpt service includes a brow lamination, clean up (wax or tweeze) and a brow tint. 

How long do the results last?

Brow lamination results can last 4-6 weeks - every client is different and results may vary.

Tint lasts about 7-10 days on the hair.

Will brow lamination damage my brows?

Nope! Brows are carefully analyzed to ensure proper processing times.


Regenerating cream is applied at the end of the service, which is left on for 24 hours, and is recommended for daily use. This cream helps moisturize and soften the hair (which is essential after a chemical service) - keeping the brows and skin healthy and beautiful.

Do I have to tint the brows?

You don't! Tinting is included, but not required to achieve a great result.

What if my brows are coarse and/or curly?

Even better! Brow lamination is amazing for "training" your brows and creating a more uniform appearance, resulting in less daily work for you!

What is the aftercare for brow lamination?

For 24 hours after your appointment:

- do not get your brows wet

avoid rubbing the brow area - the regenerating cream that is left on the brows creates a shiny appearance, but is essential to moisturizing the brow hairs after a chemical service

- avoid hot air (saunas, hair dryers, stoves, etc.) and steam on the brows

avoid makeup on the eye and brow area for 12 hours after your service

For the duration of your brow lamination:

- brush your brows into shape as needed to maintain your brow lamination results

- use regenerating cream to soften and hydrate the brow hairs - this will help the results last longer and keep your brows healthy!

How should I prep for my appointment?

✓ arrive with clean brows

✓ discontinue retinol/retin A for 2 weeks prior to service

✓ Accutane use is a contraindication for brow lamination - you will need to be off for 6-12 months before receiving this service

✓ if you have had your brows recently microbladed/tattooed, you must wait until they are fully healed - please reach out to discuss that timeframe with us!

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