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How long does a spray tan last?

Typically, a spray tan will last about 5-7 days. Proper prep and aftercare is essential to a lasting, perfect looking tan.

How does a spray tan work?

The main ingredient in most self tan products is DHA. DHA works by chemically interacting with the proteins in the top layer of your skin. Spray tans do not just "stain" your skin - which is why prepping to remove dry skin is essential to creating the perfect canvas for an even, long lasting tan.

When should I schedule my tan for an event/vacation?

The best time for your appointment is 1-3 days before your event!

Can you get a spray tan while pregnant?

Absolutely! But as always, please check in and confirm with your doctor before booking your appointment.

Can you get a sunburn with a spray tan?

YES! Please wear your SPF even with a spray tan. Some sunscreens can affect the wear of your tan - it's best to avoid sunscreens with alcohol and drying ingredients (typically found in aerosol sprays). Sun bum is a great option to maintain your tan and your skin!

Is there anything I should avoid using while I have a spray tan?

Some ingredients can affect the length and wear of your tan. Dove soap is a big problem for spray tans - avoid using for several days before, and during the wear of your tan. Other ingredients to avoid include: sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, alcohol and exfoliating ingredients like retinols or AHAs.

What's the difference between the original and express tanning solution?

The original tanning solution has a processing time of 8-12 hours. Meaning you have to stay dry and not rinse prior to 8 hours. The depth of tan is determined at your appointment, and does not get darker the longer it stays on the skin.


The express tanning solution has a shorter processing time, giving you the option to rinse between 2-5 hours after your appointment. This is a great option if you're short on time, or you don't like sleeping or wearing the tanning solution for longer than you need to. The depth of tan is determined by how long the solution is left on (rinsing 2-3 hours post tan will give a lighter tan, 3-4 a medium tan, and 4-5 a darker tan). *please note that an express tan is a rapid rinse solution, meaning the tan will still take about 12-24 hours to fully develop, it will NOT be fully visible after only 2-5 hours. 


Spray Tan Prep/Aftercare


2-3 days before your tan:

✓ begin exfoliating and thoroughly moisturizing daily - this will help prep the skin for your spray tan *do not use dove soap before or after your tan!

✓ waxing, facial, mani/pedi, lash, etc. appointments should be done at least 1 day before your spray tan

✓ if needed, shave 6-12 hours before your appointment (shaving afterwards may affect the result of your tan)


day of your tan:

✓ shower to cleanse your skin only - skin should be clean and dry for best results -avoid using oil-based body washes the day of your tan

✓ do not apply any moisturizer, deodorant, makeup or perfume prior to your appointment - this can affect the result of your tan

✓ wear whatever makes you comfortable during your tan appointment! (male clients are asked to wear bathing suit bottoms or shorts during your appointment)

✓ be sure to bring loose-fitted clothing to wear after you are sprayed (avoid socks, jeans, leggings, etc.)





during tan development period (12-24 hours post spray):

✓ stay completely dry for 8-12 hours - avoid sweating or applying products to your skin (unless using express solution)

✓ for your first shower after your appointment, you should “rinse only” with warm water and avoid soap, exfoliation and shaving (don’t be afraid to thoroughly rinse, the spray tan will not fade - the goal is to completely rinse away the cosmetic bronzer)


for the duration of your spray tan:

✓ always pat yourself dry after showering or swimming - rubbing with a towel will exfoliate your skin and may fade your tan more quickly

✓ keeping the skin hydrated will prolong the life of your spray tan (mild, fragrance-free moisturizers work best)

✓ avoid moisturizers, body washes, and skincare that contains mineral oil, sulfates, petrolatum, AHA/BHA - use may accelerate fading

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