classic/hybrid full set  $195

volume full set  $225

*full sets include a new client aftercare kit

touch up fill (45 mins)  $55

standard fill (60 mins)  $70

extended fill (75 mins)  $85

max fill (90 mins)  $100


transition fill  $95

a transition fill is booked if you have extensions that were applied by a different technician. this appointment will ensure that there is plenty of time to fill your extensions and to go over recommended aftercare - a new client aftercare kit is included. 

*please note that the health of your lashes is a priority - if there is damage from improperly applied extensions, you may be advised to remove the existing extensions and book a full set.

lash lift  $80

a lash lift is a great excuse to ditch your lash curler for good! It is a safe and easy treatment that perms your natural lashes, leaving them curled for 4-6 weeks. since it is a treatment for your own lashes, it is a low maintenance service that leaves your lashes looking beautiful without any effort!

*includes a lash tint

lash tint  $26

brow tint  $20

- with brow wax $30

lash & brow tint  $40

lash extension packages & series

starter package  $315

*includes full set, 3 standard fills & aftercare kit

touch up fill series  $150

standard fill series  $180

extended fill series  $225

*each series includes 3 fills