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What are lash extensions?


Lash extensions are individual synthetic lashes - applied to enhance the length, curl and volume of your natural lashes. It is a detailed service which requires the precision of a certified lash technician. The resulting length and volume will vary, and is determined by your natural lashes and desired look. 


How long will lash extensions last?


Lash extensions require regular maintenance and gentle aftercare. There are three phases in the natural growth cycle, and there are lashes in each phase at all times. This means that lashes will shed at varying times. Natural shedding is completely normal and healthy, and the extension that is applied to the lash will shed as well. For this reason, and normal wear, lash fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks.


Why do I need to fill my lash extensions?


During your fill appointment, outgrown lashes are removed, while extensions are applied to new growth. Fill times vary based on your individual lash needs - natural lash shedding, amount of natural lashes, aftercare. Retention is best when proper aftercare is followed.


Do lash extensions damage the natural lash?


No! Lash extensions are attached to each individual natural lash. Throughout the service, and with proper application, the natural lashes are isolated to ensure that they are not adhered to each other - which can cause lash damage. Damage can be caused by excessive weight and length on the natural lashes, which is why it is important to not apply extensions that are too heavy or long for a client's natural lash. And of course, following the proper aftercare ensures the health and longevity of your natural lashes and extensions.


Why are fills booked by time and not by week?


Everybody has a different amount of natural lashes, their growth cycles and aftercare will vary as well. One client’s retention may be great after two weeks - taking a shorter amount of time to fill - while another client may have less retention by that same time. By booking fills by time, this allows the client to book the fill their lash extensions need, at whatever timeframe they choose.


How do I choose which fill I want to book?


It is essentially your choice! Your lash artist will be able to help you figure out what fill time will work best for your lashes and your lifestyle. While you can choose whichever time you want, please keep in mind that if you like to go longer in between fills, have a lot of natural lashes, or prefer a more voluminous look, you should book an extended fill.

Suggested fill times can be found here.


What are the differences between lash techniques?


Classic - 1:1 - One individual extension is placed on one natural lash, creating a natural look that corresponds with how many natural lashes you have. For example, a client with a lot of natural lashes will have a fuller look than someone with fewer natural lashes.


Volume - Volume fans are handmade using extensions with a lighter weight than classic lashes. Fans can include anywhere from 2-8 extensions per fan, and are always placed on one, isolated natural lash. Volume sets can create a more dramatic look, or they can create a natural, but fluffier look. The placement of fans is great for clients that are looking for a more dramatic look, but may not have a lot of natural lashes.


Hybrid - Hybrid sets are a mixture of both classic lashes and volume fans. This technique gives a little more drama than a classic set. With using both classic and volume techniques, a more textured look can be created.


What is the aftercare for lash extensions?


Lash extension aftercare is simple, but certain products and habits should be avoided.

While wearing lash extensions:

- try to avoid using products containing oils and acids around the eye area, and especially on the lashes

- cleanse your lashes and eye area regularly with a recommended lash cleanser (neglecting to cleanse your lashes will result in poor retention and may cause irritation to the eye area)

- brush your lashes daily to avoid tangled, unruly lashes and to promote better retention

- be careful not to pick or pull at your extensions, and avoid rubbing directly over the lash extensions

- avoid excessive heat near the eye area (blow dryers, lighters, stove heat, etc.) - this may singe the extensions, and damaged extensions will need to be removed at your appointment, which may affect the amount of time needed to fill your lashes

- there are many factors that affect retention and aftercare may vary depending on your lifestyle - it's always best to discuss the best way to care for your extensions with your technician!

How should you prep for your lash extension appointment?

✓ arrive with clean lashes (do not use oil-based cleansers/eye makeup remover on your lashes prior to your appointment)

*arriving to your full set or fill appointment without clean lashes will cut into your appointment time, leaving less time for lash application

✓ allow 2 hours for the initial lash application

✓ feel free to bring headphones if you'd prefer to listen to your own music, podcast or whatever you like!

✓ contact users should remove contacts prior to application - saline solution and lens cases are available if needed


please note: If you are planning on receiving lash extensions for a special event, it is highly recommended to book your full set 2-3 weeks before the event date, and plan on a fill a couple days before. As with any cosmetic procedure or application, there is always a risk of reaction or irritation, and we want to ensure that there are no complications prior to your event.


What is a lash lift?

Think of a lash lift as a perm for your natural lashes! A silicon rod or shield is used to create the shape for your lift - depending on the shape of your eye, length of lashes and your desired results. Both a lifting and setting solution are applied, followed by a tint to darken the lashes.


Do I have to tint the lashes?

Nope! The tint is included in the service, but it is completely personal preference - although definitely recommended to enhance the look!

How long does it last?

The lift lasts about 6 weeks, although some clients may see results lasting for up to 8 weeks. The tint tends to fade a little quicker, so clients with lighter lashes may want to come in for a tint touch-up in between lift appointments, to maintain the desired look.

Is it damaging to my natural lashes?

With proper aftercare and time in between appointments, a lash lift is not damaging to your lashes!

What if my natural lashes are short?

Results of a lash lift will vary depending on the length of your natural lashes, but typically a lift can still be done even if your lashes are shorter. If you are hoping for a more dramatic result, a growth serum may be a beneficial addition to your aftercare. Ask your technician for recommendations!

What's the aftercare for a lash lift?

The aftercare for a lash lift is much simpler than lash extensions, which is a game changer for a lot of clients! Most of the aftercare happens within the first 24 hours after your lift appointment. 


For 24 hours after your appointment:

- don't get your lashes wet & don't apply anything on the lashes (makeup, cleanser, serums, etc.)

- avoid steam and hot air (blow dryers, stove, etc.)

- don't rub, pull or pick at your lashes

- avoid sleeping on your face/side

* after lifting your lashes, they are still malleable for the first 24 hours, so it is best to avoid anything that may alter the shape of the lift  (think of Elle Woods' perm instructions in Legally Blonde!)


How should you prep for your lash lift appointment?

✓ arrive with clean lashes - please try to avoid wearing eye makeup to your appointment

✓ contact users should remove contacts prior to treatment - saline solution and lens cases are available if needed

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